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Young Leaders In Travel Council

September 14-18, 2022

Young Leaders In Travel Council

Sept 5-8, 2024 At Club Med Québec-Charlevoix

We see you!  You're 40 years old or under and prior to Covid, you were on a fast trajectory with your business and sales.  Congratulations for making it through this past year! 


 If Covid taught us anything, it's that one of the greatest indicators of how a business can immerge from crisis, relies on the strength of its leader.  You are the future of the travel agency community and your leadership skills matter.  These skills are key to growing your business and navigating through uncertainty.  

Are you ready to enhance your leadership abilities, build a rock solid team and create a strong business?

At the 2024 Young Leaders in Travel Council, you will be surrounded by a group of like minded leaders who want to refine their purpose, prepare for the future, cultivate meaningful connections, and develop sound leadership abilities.  

Here is what one of the 2021 Young Leaders attendee said about the event:

"I was very honored to attend Young Leaders for it's first event. It was refreshing to sit in a room amongst my peers and hear about their struggles and their desire to be better leaders. Being a leader isn't just for those who own companies or being the one in charge per se and isn't about age. We have opportunities every day to lead those around us. With events like Young Leaders bringing the next generation of travel advisors and travel industry partners together for friendships, growth and collaboration, I have no doubt that the travel industry's future is bright. I looked around the room excited to see what all these men and women would accomplish in the next few years, knowing they would be people who leave a mark and raise the standards within our industry." 

Samarah Meil

Owner/Travel Consultant

Amarillo Travel Network / ATN Vacations

Sep 05, 2024, 12:00 PM
Club Med Québec-Charlevoix
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